How it Works

We recommend that before our patients makes use of our mild hyperbaric chambers that they first consult their doctor to make sure the treatment is appropriate and that the patient does not have any adverse side effects.

Entering the chamber:

  • Patients may go into the chamber fully clothed, wear loose/comfortable clothing. Shoes to be removed before entering the chamber.
  • Ladies should remove stockings as might effect circulation.
  • All jewellery or sharp objects that may damage the chamber to be removed before entering the chamber.
  • Patients may take in their electronic devices with them into the chamber.
  • Our staff will help you inside the chamber, where you can adjust the adjustable bed to your required position. We also have extra pillows and a blanket inside the chamber to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Once you inside and all comfortable we will supply you with an oxygen mask to put over your face. Oxygen will be supplied once the mask is on.
  • We will then zip up the chamber and begin the pressurization process to 1.3 atmospheres. During this process you might feel slight discomfort in your ears, similar to airplane travel. Chewing gum, swallowing while holding nose shut and other techniques will help equalize the pressure.
  • If equalizing techniques not helping then we will pressurize the chamber at a slower rate to avoid any discomfort.
  • Once chamber has reached 30kpa, the pressurization part is complete.
  • You may then use your electronic devices or take a nap. Rest and enjoy the experience.
  • During the entire procedure our staff will check up on you on a regular intervals to make sure you comfortable.
  • After and hour inside of the chamber we will begin the decompression procedure.  During this process you may feel some discomfort in your ears, by using the same techniques while pressurization it should go away.
  • Once bag is totally decompressed we will unzip it and escort you out.
  • Might feel a little light headed after the treatment , but will go away after a few minutes.